Forrester Holiday Lighting can professionally install Christmas Lights for you to eliminate the time and expenses with outside Christmas decorations.

We supply the lights and decorations for you! Just call to discuss the different options you have to make this holiday your brightest ever!

Professional holiday lights and decoration services take a serious burden and potential hazard of falling off ladders and roofs for home owners preparing for the holidays.

Call now to schedule your holiday lighting services. (405) 242-2250.

Forrester Holiday Lighting has served Oklahoma metro for holiday lighting needs for both residential and commercial since 2010. We provide superior customer service in every stage of the holidays!

From planning and installing to removal after the holidays, we take care of everything. We even have an Emergency Service Phone number – a 24-hour hotline – for existing customers to call in case of problems or urgent needs. You won’t find better professional service or quality lights for your holiday decorations!

Getting a Bid

To get the most accurate quote, take a photo of your home from the front using a camera phone or digital camera. Be sure to shoot the photo straight on instead of at an angle or in perspective. Take multiple photos if you cannot fit the entire front of your house into one without shooting at an angle.

Once you have taken the photographs, you can email them to us at Please include your name and address with any text messages or emails. Once we receive your pictures, we will estimate the footage of your house and provide you with a price estimate as well as an explanation of where we would suggest installing lights for the best effect. We can usually get back to you with a bid within 1-2 days.

If you are getting quotes from other companies, be sure to ask if they use commercial grade equipment and material. (have them explain their answer if yes. (We can and will.)

What Your Bid Includes

When we offer you a bid, that estimate is an all-inclusive price tag for our services and includes the installation, take-down and storage of our Christmas lights as well as any maintenance or repairs your display might need throughout the season.

When our installers come to your home, they will bring all of the lights as well as any materials or supplies they might need with them. All such lights and materials remain our property.

The only items you would need to provide for us might include a wreath or garland if you would like us to hang them for you. (Charges apply) (We can supply or store lighted and/or ribboned wreaths or garland.) Also, if you do not have ANY outlets outside, we request that you supply an extension cord, run it from the outlet in your home or garage to the yard, and leave it there, plugged in, so that our installers can install the timer and test the lights whether you are home or not.

How We Install and Take-Down Lights

When our installers install your lights, they will cut the lights to fit your home and use gutter clips (not nails) to secure the lights. They will also custom-fit the lengths of extra extension cords that attach to the timer and hide them behind your down spout.

Our installers will set your timer to turn on your lights around 4:00pm and turn them off around 11:00pm. We can change this at your request prior to install or you can adjust the dials in the timer to change it yourself.

Should any of your light bulbs burn out or any problems arise with your display, all you have to do is call us at 405-242-2250 and one of our installers will soon be out to make the necessary repairs at no additional charge.

Our installers begin taking down lights the day after New Year’s and continue through the month of January. We then store the lights in our warehouse so that they are ready for your discounted installation next year.

You can be confident that all of our installers are experienced professionals as we have been using the same team for the last 5 years! (We have been in the lighting business for 5 years.)